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Over the past 30 years I have served the Atlanta metropolitan community in the areas of general business law, business litigation, family law, criminal law, and juvenile law. My clients, fathers and mothers, have successfully been awarded custody in custody disputes. I have represented many Fathers in non-traditional roles who were awarded custody. I have successfully negotiated co-parenting models in traditional as well as non-traditional relationships, including unmarried parents as well as same gender loving couples. I believe in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process for resolving disputes. But, I am not afraid to try a case or to litigate an issue before the trial court. I have successfully presented evidence that resulted in the court disregarding the recommendation of the Guardian Ad Litem for awarding custody. I am not reluctant or apprehensive about appealing a matter to the appellate court or responding to an appeal. I have been very successful in the appellate part of my practice and see appellate practice as a means of clarifying the trial court's order where there is uncertainty and a means to refine the case law where vague.

Here are some of my Supreme Court and Court of Appeals cases:

  • In Interest of N. A. P., a child A06A2406 (2007)
  • Smith v. Smith, 280 Ga. 620, 632 S.E.2d 83 (2006)
  • Walton v. Walton S09F0303 (2009)
  • Gilchrist v. Gilchrist S09F0077 (2009)
  • Gilchrist v. Gilchrist S09A1035 (2009)
  • Johnson v. Ware A11A1559 (2012)
  • Ware v. Johnson A11A1560 (2012)
  • Jett v. Jett S12A0075 (2012)
  • Durden v. Anderson A16A1089 (2016)
  • Allen v. McGuire A16A1301 (2016)
  • Miller v. McGuire A16A1302 (2016)
  • Allen v. McGuire  A16A1303 (2016)

Specialties: Divorce, child custody, division of marital assets in middle to upper income families, an emphasis on the best custodial resources for the children. Zealous custody advocacy for proactive Mothers and Fathers actively involved with their children. Dissolution of same gender loving relationships. Challenging Guardian Ad Litem recommendations. Negotiating contracts and general civil litigation.

I received my Bachelor's Degree from Georgia State University in 1982, and my law degree from Georgia State University in 1986. I was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 1987. Professional associations & memberships: American Bar Association, Atlanta Bar Association,  State Bar of Georgia, Gate City Bar Association, where I chaired the Family Law Section, the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers, the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys, and the Younger Lawyers Association.